Best Canadian Songs Of 2019

2019 was a great year for Canadian music. Many songs were released throughout the year, covering a wide range of genres. They include rap, country, and pop. The music of the neighbouring USA heavily influenced Canadian hit songs of 2019. Here are the most notable examples.

Kissing Other People By Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella was born in Ontario. She is well known as part of a duo with her sister Maisy. They worked together on the television show Nashville. This is where Lennon became recognized by an international audience. Her solo track, Kissing Other People, is a laid back club tune. The lyrics are about a woman who feels she is out of love with her partner. This song is one of the best but most underrated singles from Canada.

Old Country Soul By The Reklaws

The Reklaws were formed in 2012. It is a duo comprised of Stuart and Jenna Walker, who are brother and sister. They hail from Cambridge, Ontario. Old Country Soul is similar to the songs on their 2018 EP Feels Like That. The main difference is that this track is much more refined and accessible to a mass audience.

Cyanide By Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is the stage name of Ashton D. Simmonds. He first came to prominence with the release of Praise Break in 2014 and Pilgrim’s Paradise in 2015. Cyanide is arguably his best track. It is filled with juxtaposing vocal layers, as well as an addictive beat.

Kinfolks By Sam Hunt

Even though he was born in America, Sam Hunt has been very active in the Canadian music scene. He regularly tours well known Canadian venues. Hunt is still emerging as an artist but has already gathered a large following. His song Kinfolks is about a man who wants to introduce his new girlfriend to the important people in his life, such as his family and friends.

Too Close By Ria Mae And Dan Talevski

Ria Mae was born Ria MacNutt in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She composes most of her music. She recently collaborated with Dan Talevski, who is from Georgetown, Ontario. Talevski became famous for covering pop songs on YouTube in 2007. Together these artists have created a club hit with Too Close. It is about two people who want to get closer together.

Keeping Me Alive By Jonathon Roy

Jonathan Roy is the son of pro hockey legend Patrick Roy. He originally planned to be a hockey player but instead pursued music. He has already released four successful albums. His single Keeping Me Alive is a melodic, piano-heavy piece. It starts slow and softer before building with emotional intensity. Jonathan Roy gets to show off his emotive vocals. Several backup singer layers dip in and out of the track.

The Good Ones By Tebey And Marie-Mai

This song brings together two of the biggest modern pop artists. Marie-Mai is from Quebec and is known for her soft vocals, which are complemented well by Ontario born Tebey. Contemporaneously they harmonize well and create a soft yet toe-tapping track. It is very much influenced by US country music.

There you have it, folks, the best Canadian music in 2019. Indeed, it was a successful year, but will they keep up the pace in 2020?