Canadians are Dominating the Music Charts

Right now, Canadian musicians are dominating the music charts in the United States. It is right to say that Canadians are talented musicians who can compete on a global stage. Currently, the music chart is being dominated by Canadian artists. You will discover that they rule the music world, and six out of the seven top songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart belong to Canadians.

You can find top Canadians who continue to hit the chart globally. For instance, you can listen to top Canadian songs created by:

  • Justin Bieber
  • Drake
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Adele

You will discover that Justin Bieber is an artist who has dominated the music industry. Some of the songs this singer has produced have hit the stage and topped the music charts. This chart of top-performing musicians shows how well the Canadian artists are playing in this sector.

About Justin Bieber

Justin has been dominating the charts for an extended duration and has become famous around the world. Having more than three songs topping the music chart is an excellent performance. This guy deserves credit for his musical achievements. Justin Bieber was born in London, Ontario in 1994 and has impressed his fans by doing well in music. It has become almost impossible to avoid covering his dance moves.

Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd have inched their songs up the charts. They have brought a nice edge to dominating Canadian music. The only thing these guys need to do is to knock off the top song on the music chart. Pop songs have made music unique and tops the music chart. The British artist Adele has surpassed four million sales in albums. So, you don’t expect her to go anywhere anytime soon.

National Music Chart

This music chart began in 1964, and it focused on the top 40 singles. Walt Grealis, OC, founded this chart and published the Canadian RPM magazine. Some critics scoffed at his project, saying that it would only last for a few weeks.

However, this project lasted for 36 years but never made any money. It was Walt’s Grealis, OC love for music that made this project successful. He contacted television and radio stations in Canada to support his project. Grealis worked day and night, compiling the charts. Later, he was joined by Stan Klees and pushed for the Maple Leaf System (MLS). Charts have been published in Canada since 1964. Currently, the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 publishes the top music singles in the charts.

The Most Popular Music in Canada

Based on statistics recently revealed about the top music in this country, people can say that rock is the most popular genre. It has become a clear winner in the Canadian charts among all music genres. A survey conducted nationwide concluded that 21.6% of citizens love listening to and playing the alternative rock genre.

The songs that top the Canadian charts attract millions of followers in the entire world. Artists topping this chart boast of a significant number of fans who subscribe to their YouTube channels and listen to their songs. Also, artists who produce the top songs on the Canadian charts make significant profit. This is the reason Canadian music is on top of the music chart and fans enjoy this music.